Joshua Rodriguez

We’ve been fortunate to work with a wide variety of clients over the years, both big and small. But one of our favorite things is to help smaller businesses who don’t normally have access to robust security solutions– or even know why they might need them. Joshua runs the successful stock and finance blog CNA Finance. He was kind enough to share his experience (see below).
For many companies, cybersecurity isn’t even on the radar. Who’d come after little ol’ us, right? Unfortunately, that logic is the same reason hackers target smaller organizations. It was with this in mind that Joshua sought some insight into his cybersecurity situation. He’s glad he did it.
He explains, “First and foremost, I found that I was very unaware of the dangers cyber attacks pose… Axis Cyber Labs was able to find multiple vulnerabilities with their free vulnerability scan, and when I hired them for penetration testing, they easily hacked my site. If it was anyone else, serious issues would have been the result.”
In the end, vulnerability scans always reveal something, even if it’s that your network is in good shape. It’s better to know what you’re up against. In Joshua’s case, there were a few things to work on. If that’s what comes of your scan, we’ll be sure to talk to you and your IT team about what it means and what actions are most important to take next. Joshua had us do that for him, but if he hadn’t, he still would have had the information he needed in order to ask a solution provider the right questions. We believe that kind of communication is a large part of what makes us successful. It definitely illustrates the way we like to do business.
Joshua says, “While these guys have a great vulnerability scan, compelling penetration testing, and a great security awareness program, I was most impressed by the communication I had with the team. I’ve worked with several teams in the IT space and my biggest rub with most is having to wait a full day or more to get questions answered. These guys provided immediate responses, never leaving me in the dark.”

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Getting Started

If you haven’t yet started your free vulnerability scan with us, we hope you’ll give it a try. While many businesses do hire us for services afterward, there’s no requirement to do that. We believe that enough businesses see the value in our service that the free offer pays for itself, so we’ll continue offering it for as long as that’s true. All the same, we enjoy the work we do with other businesses, whether or not they hire us after the initial scan and review.