Security Awareness Training

Protect Your Business with Security Awareness Training

The only real security you can have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience, and ability. That’s exactly what our Security Awareness Training offers to your employees: the knowledge of cyber awareness, the experience of taking important security steps, and the ability to detect potential risks on their own moving forward.

What are the Benefits of Security Awareness Training?

Awareness is an increasingly valuable skill set to have in cyberspace. Whether you like it or not hackers are out there and are trying to infiltrate businesses like yours. Tricking employees is an easy way for hackers to mount an attack, so, by having employees trained to know what to look out for will help the integrity and security of your business.
The Integrity of Your Business
With proper training and a cybersecurity framework in place, you can ensure that everyone in your company has the same expectations with an even level of accountability from every employee. Potential cyber attacks could lead to penalties or hurt the public reputation of your organization, in addition to compromising the confidentiality of your data and information.
Safety of Your Employees
With the right tools and knowledge, your employees will know what to watch out for to keep themselves safe in your networks. This is a crucial element for your organization’s cybersecurity because if your employees are safe, then your business is safe.
Trust of Your Customers
Keeping up a good, trustworthy reputation with customers is very important. If you have a data breach or begin to develop a reputation as a non-secure organization, you are less likely to see leads turn into customers, or customers turn into referrals, and if a customer has a bad experience due to a security issue they are more likely to leave a negative review, reevaluate their options and seek alternative solutions.

How does Security Awareness Training Work?

We offer a comprehensive learning experience that resonates with people of different learning styles. We provide helpful content with relevant materials that they can reference after the training, testing for realistic scenarios, and how to report security issues. We want to leave each of your employees with the knowledge of how to prevent cyber attacks on your business.
Content & Materials
We provide a great learning experience with different styles and types of content since people learn in different ways. We keep the materials relevant and interesting, and they work as a resource for your employees to reference.
Testing & Reporting
Your employees will be put to the test. We will place them in situations where they will need to make security decisions to gauge their level of comprehending the training. You will also learn how to properly report security issues to measure the success of fixing them.
Annual Reinforcement
Like everything else in cyberspace, cyber attacks are constantly changing and evolving. It is important to keep the training going annually to act as a refresher of best practices, and also to update employees on new developments in your cybersecurity framework.

Schedule Your Security Awareness Training!

It is important for your company to be on the same page with cyber awareness, and for your employees to remember that everyone in the company has accountability for security. This training will give your employees the knowledge they need to keep your systems and networks as safe as possible. safe and encourage your people to be the first line of defense.