Penetration Testing

Why Axis Cyber Labs?

While Risk assessment is focused on evaluating your business’s position in the digital realm and identifies all systems and assigns risk scores to each, the process is performed from a defensive standpoint with a goal to understand all the key factors and determine best ways to protect all the critical assets. In contrast, next step is more offensive in nature and goes to actively exploit those vulnerabilities in order to prove (or disprove) real world attack vectors against an organization’s IT assets, data, humans and/or physical security. Simply put, a penetration test, or pentest is a test evaluating the strengths of all security controls across your organizations systems. These tests evaluate procedural and operational controls, as well as technological and human controls. It is important to draw a distinction that Penetration testing is not the same as vulnerability scanning. Running a vulnerability scanner against a website or set of IP addresses will produce a list of items that still need to be verified by a trained professional. Penetration tests are a lot more time and resource intensive. Conducted by security professionals whose main focus is ensuring that your network is secured, a penetration test will dive below the surface and find the true vulnerabilities within your network. Axis consultants employ a myriad of automated tools and process frameworks in accordance with industry’s best practices to encompass all possible combinations of a simulated attack on your networks. Nevertheless, the focus is ultimately on the team of testers, the experience they bring to the test, and the skills they level in the context of an active attack on your organization. We will also stress your operational procedures and exploit any human vulnerability to ensure we cover all of our bases to provide you with the most accurate assessment.

Is all of that really necessary?

Active penetration testing provides our consultants with the most accurate account of vulnerabilities that scanners and other automated tools often miss or unable to test. This approach will also identify the effectiveness of your current policies and procedures as it will capture whether your users/systems administrators are actually following policies and measure your team’s security awareness.

What does Axis Penetration Testing mean to you?

  • Security vulnerabilities are identified before hackers.
  • Identification of gaps in information security compliance
  • The response time of their information security team, i.e. how long it takes the team to realize that there is a breach and mitigate the impact
  • The potential real-world effect of a data breach or cybersecurity attack
  • Actionable remediation guidance

Our comprehensive approach encapsulates all aspects of your organizations access points and provides your senior leadership with a 360-degree security posture.

Optimize Cyber Security with Penetration Testing

A proactive and offensive approach to cybersecurity, our on-site Penetration Testing Service uses a real-world approach to simulate the ways an attacker would infiltrate your website. We will provide you with a list of what needs to be fixed on your website and how to fix it, giving you the knowledge of your risks, the motives of your potential attackers, and the peace of mind of having a solution to those risks to safeguard your data and maintain secure networks.


What Are the Benefits of Penetration Testing?

A penetration test will help you identify weaknesses in your security, gather insights for the motivations and methods of attackers to your site, and mitigate the vulnerabilities that are putting your site at risk of a cyber-attack.

Identify Your Weaknesses
It is important to identify what your weaknesses are because they leave you at risk for potential attacks. Understanding what these risks are before getting an attack will allow you to remedy the issues preventatively.
Gather Insights for Attackers
You might not be able to put yourself in the shoes of the hackers and think like they do, but we can. A penetration test will give you insights on the motivation behind an attack as well as the methods they might use to get into your site.
Mitigate Your Vulnerabilities
Once you have identified your vulnerabilities and the motivations behind potential attacks, you will have the information you need from our detailed reports to improve your cybersecurity posture and mitigate these issues.

How Does the Penetrating Testing Service Work?

Penetration testing allows you to get a better understanding of how attackers think by testing how feasible it is to infiltrate your systems and networks. Much like other forms of self-care, knowing what your weaknesses are is the best way to know how to improve for the better. This form of testing exploits your vulnerabilities so they can be fixed before real attackers have the chance to do so.
Before We Get Started
We will meet with you to gain a better understanding of your particular needs, and learn of any security concerns that you already have. We pride ourselves on communication, so we will make sure that we clearly define the scope of the work we will be doing so that both parties have a clear understanding of the goals we have set.
During the Penetration Test
We will assess your networks and systems to gather as much information as possible that will allow us to mount more successful attacks further on in the testing. We will run our automated tests to identify the more easily detectable vulnerabilities. Next is the manual stage where we will have our experts try to exploit your vulnerabilities as a real-world attacker would.
The Report & Next Steps
After the test, we will provide you with a detailed report of our findings, including what your vulnerabilities are, how attackers might try to exploit them, and what the most efficient way is to remedy these issues. Our clients can also request additional guidance in remediation.
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The sooner you fix the gaps in your security, the sooner you can have the peace of mind of defense against cyber attacks. Axis Cyber Labs isn’t like other cyber security companies: we put the Axis Promise on all of the work that we do, so all of our customers know they are in the good hands of industry experts.