Free Vulnerability Scan

What is Vulnerability Scanning?

Vulnerability scanning is a tool-based approach that we use to provide clients with a snapshot of their security. Vulnerability scanning provides you with a 10,000-foot view of your security holes.
Should I Scan For Vulnerabilities?
YES! While it is true that vulnerability scanning alone is not enough to ensure a good security posture it is a good start and could help you identify the “low hanging fruit” that should be fixed immediately.
Why is Vulnerability Scanning Important?

There are several reasons that it is essential to perform regular vulnerability scans:

Customers will feel safer
Identify security threats
Compliance with Industry Regulations

What Are the Benefits of Vulnerability Scanning?

It’s a statistic quoted widely throughout the cybersecurity industry, and it’s backed up by sources including the FBI: ransomware attacks are on the rise. While it is true that vulnerability scanning alone is not enough to ensure a good security posture, it is an important start that can help you identify key issues that should be fixed immediately. A vulnerability scan will help your customers feel safer, will identify security threats, and will keep you in compliance with industry regulations.

Customers will feel Safer

Customers who feel cyber secure are more likely to do business with you: it’s that simple. Turn abandoned shopping carts into conversions and increase your revenue.  

Identify Security Threats

This will allow you to take preventative measures to stop potential security risks and keep your website and your digital assets and information safe, while avoiding the expenses and headache of cyberattacks.  

Compliance with Industry Regulations

  Vulnerability scans are crucial for making sure your website meets PCI compliance mandates and other industry regulations.

How Does the Vulnerability Scan Service Work?

Vulnerability scanning is a tool-based approach we use to provide clients with an overview of their security. Simply put, a vulnerability scan is an audit of your current system for weak spots. Having cyber awareness is crucial for the security of your website. It includes a thorough examination of key information about your data infrastructure, discovering vulnerabilities, and reporting them back to you to create a plan that’s tailored to your organization’s needs.
Getting Your Scan Started
When we receive your request, we’ll send an email to document the next steps. We will send over a contract and NDA, as we want to make sure you know you’re protected. We will coordinate the details of the report with you, run the scan (this can take hours or days, depending on the size of the network or domain), and send you the vulnerability scan report.
After Your Vulnerability Scan
The report is quite comprehensive, so rather than leave you to figure it out on your own, we’ll also give you a call to review it together. That way, we can break down the most important points, helping you prioritize what should happen next, and answering any other questions you may have.
Communication during the Scan
We communicate clearly and regularly with our clients throughout the scan process. We believe that our clear and concise style of communication is a large part of what makes us successful. It definitely illustrates the way we like to do business.

Prevent Cyber Attacks with a Vulnerability Scan

Our free vulnerability scan service is the all-important first step in determining where your weak spots lie, and which mitigating steps should be taken next. For many companies, cybersecurity isn’t even on the radar. Every organization and every data system has strong points and weak points. The vulnerability scan identifies what these are, enabling you to make informed decisions for your organization’s security plan.