Axis Cyber Labs

Axis Cyber Labs, a North American security consulting firm established in 2017 is on the mission to propel advancement of cybersecurity awareness, education and serve as a proactive force to counter threats and attacks in the digital era. The company provides education, training and offers a complete suite of cybersecurity expertise, tools and techniques to help safeguard proprietary and confidential business data and applications. We partner with our clients to evaluate and analyze the integrity of business infrastructure and explain vulnerabilities and cyber threats many individuals and companies are unwillingly exposed to everyday. Axis Cyber Labs vision and values stem from the founders’ inherent belief in basic human rights and that integrity, privacy and confidentiality of personal, financial, medical or any other proprietary data must be governed and protected. Our team of cybersecurity experts specialize in penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, security consulting, as well as awareness and education. We deliver a custom-tailored defense action plan for our clients and ensure compliance with industry standards.