The Importance of Creating a Network Map for Your Business

What is the Importance of Network Maps for Businesses Online?

If you are a business owner, then you know the importance of staying organized. Whether it be physical assets such as paperwork and office supplies, or digital assets such as communications and financial records, you need to have things organized to find the most success. The same philosophy should be applied to your network applications, and this is where having a network map comes in handy. Every business will have different devices in their network, and it is crucial to know what is and where it is located. This helps to ensure that all assets on the network are secure. The added benefit is knowing what is on your network that shouldn’t be there! Network mapping provides a visual and logical aid to help you stay organized and maintain your network’s connectivity. Axis Cyber Labs is here to help businesses to galvanize their networks and web application security every step of the way, and networking mapping is an important part of that.

How Do You Start Network Mapping?

When it comes to topology mapping and establishing a network map, there are many important things to do to keep things organized and well documented. First, you want to document your environment; have an understanding of what devices are within your network. When doing this, it will help you to learn why those devices are in your network and what purpose they serve to give you a clearer understanding of your networks. Once you have identified all of the devices, you should classify them. Classification should include: data classifications, protection level, and the types of user(s) allowed on the device.

How Do You Organize a Network Map?

Once you have identified and classified all of your devices, you will want to plan out how you are going to organize your networks. It is best practice to plan your network so that similarly sensitive systems are in the same network segment. For example, keeping all of your web servers in one VLAN, all of your databases in another VLAN, all of your users live on another VLAN, and so forth. As your networks grow, it is important to consider VLAN management. 

What Else Should You Document?

Once you have your network well organized, you will want to document what protocols are allowed to traverse different segments.  This will usually happen at Firewall/IDS/IPS points that are used to protect network segments. To keep track of what is flowing in and out of your networks, you should also document egress and ingress flows, including what ports and protocols are allowed over each flow.

Contact Us for Help Building Your Network Map

Contact us today for a free quote or to schedule one of our security services. Network mapping is so important for your business, and we hope that now you will consider establishing a topology map for your networks. Our mission here at Axis Cyber Labs is to help our clients and partners optimize their web applications and network securities so their businesses can thrive, safely and securely.

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