Feel Secure Choosing Axis Cyber Labs

At Axis Cyber Labs, we pride ourselves on being passionate and experts in our craft. Our clients and partners can rest assured, knowing that we are here to help galvanize their networks and web application security every step of the way.

Why Axis Cyber Labs?

Protect your company’s profits and reputation by addressing critical vulnerabilities before they are exploited by threat actors
Allow more efficient use of resources and prioritize security investment
Achieve and maintain industry-standard cybersecurity frameworks and accreditations by complying with regular penetration testing requirements and standards
Educate and increase cybersecurity awareness across your teams with real-world content, examples and exercises presented by our team of experts

About Us

Axis Cyber Labs

The company provides education, training and offers a complete suite of cybersecurity expertise, tools and techniques to help safeguard proprietary and confidential business data and applications. We partner with our clients to evaluate and analyze the integrity of business infrastructure and explain vulnerabilities and cyber threats many individuals and companies are unwillingly exposed to everyday.

The Value We Deliver

We will meet with you to better understand your needs and set expectations for the engagement. This stage is incredibly important to define the scope and ensure that both sides have a clear understanding of goals, objectives and scope adherence.
The reconnaissance stage is where we begin our work. We start by scanning all defined targets to gather as much information as possible and map out the network; this will allow us to mount successful attacks in later stages.
The automated testing stage helps us identify any “low-hanging fruit”. These are extremely tedious but easy vulnerabilities to find. This stage is where we will identify the majority of OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities.
During the manual assessment stage, we take a closer look at the systems. Building upon the work of the previous two stages, the manual assessment stage allows us to verify any findings from the vulnerability scanner(s) as well as test applications for business logic vulnerabilities that scanners will miss.
Once testing has is done, you will receive a detailed report of all findings. Your report will define what the vulnerability is, why it is a problem, and recommendations on how to fix them. During this phase, our clients also can request additional guidance to assist in remediation.

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